The natural broom for the body!

 Content: Each tablet contains: 250 mg of peppermint, 30 mg of vitamin C.

What is Pectin? Pectin is a natural product contained in fruits and vegetables. The chemical composition is similar to cellulose. Contains neutral sugars, trace elements, glycosides. Its natural origin makes it easily absorbed by the body. The additive Pectin of Addison Pharma is further enriched with Vitamin C to ensure an even better effect of its administration in certain body conditions.

How Does Pectin Plus C work? In the body pectin binds to water and forms highly viscous solutions. In this way it "captures" heavy metals, "bad" cholesterol, bile acids still in the stomach and small intestine. Pectin acts equally well in disorder and constipation. In the first case, due to water binding and toxins release, and the second due to irritation, the large intestine receptors activate their peristalsis. In the large intestine, pectin ferments and thus maintains normal microflora there. Vitamin C strengthens the debilitating effect of pectin against industrial and drug chemicals.

In which cases should you take Pectin Plus C?

- for gastrointestinal disorders;

- high cholesterol level;

- when overweight;

- when working in an environment with harmful substances;

Dosage: 1-2 tablets 3 times a day. In active motor activity, the dose may be increased to 10-12 tablets per day.

Storage: Keep the product in the original package in a dry and shielded place at temperatures below 25 ° C. Keep out of the reach of children!

Packing: 90 tablets are packed in a polyethylene vial.

What you should Know? The product is a nutritional supplement. It is not a substitute for varied meals! Do not exceed the recommended dose!

Manufacturer: Addisan Pharma Ltd.